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About Us

Elevated wellness from the ground up

element is a proudly female-led organization. We look to nature to provide us with the balance we need to live well-nourished and productive lives. 

Our belief in natural plant-based medicine is rooted in improving the lives of our families and all those who make a conscious choice to find substance from the planet’s superfoods that surround us.

With a combined experience of 45 years, element offers you and your family well-researched and formulated products to energize, enrich and restore everyday life. Our easy-to-use product line enables you to absorb our elements on-the-go or on lazy summer afternoons. 


element has hand-crafted a curated line-up of functional mushroom products to nurture you and your family. Our products are extracted and infused with the highest grade of ingredients that support your mind, body and soul. Our foundation is built on ethical, transparent supply chains that are rooted in food justice.  

Our products do not contain any active ingredients that will produce a high, they are purely functional and formulated to support your wellbeing.

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"I am not what happens to me, I am what I choose to be"
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