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condition based products that bring calm & sleep


Harmonize your longevity, energy, and spirit with natural adaptogens to help balance mental and physical stress and support sound sleep.

Your body has an internal clock that regulates such processes as sleep/wake times, hormones, maintaining a good body temperature, and even affects eating and digestion. This clock is known as the circadian rhythm and is the sleep-wake pattern that happens over a 24-hour period telling you when to go to sleep and when to wake up. 


Many people don't listen to this cycle and have created undue stress, on the brain and the body, due to a lack of sleep.  Sleep is crucial to maintain a healthy body and the lack of sleep can create many health issues, including fatigue, decreased immune system, obesity, and overall poor health.  Sleep allows your body to rest and repair, be more focused and alert during waking hours, and has anti-aging benefits.  The lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your body which can be extremely damaging. 

Adding mushrooms, or a blend of mushrooms, to your daily diet has the potential the help reset a broken rhythm.

This rhythm runs according to light and dark surroundings signaling your body to sleep when it's dark and wake when it's light. Adding your mushrooms at the correct time is important so your internal clock can reset itself to the correct time zone and can help regulate the proper sleep/wake pattern.  These are best at bedtime!



Reishi  - Rest | Relaxation 

100g Bag of 100% fruiting body  

As this mushroom is well known for its potential properties for sleep, it’s great for helping to reset your natural biorhythm.  This mushroom has been used to help with insomnia and may possess anti-fatigue properties, to help you feel refreshed upon rising in the mornings. This fungus has been tested for its inflammatory properties, helping those with an autoimmune disease to perhaps not only have a better night's sleep but to awaken without as much discomfort as usual.

Reishi  - Rest | Relaxation 

50ml Oral drop bottle of full fruiting body mushroom extract

Our concentrated fruiting body is extracted using our proprietary method, allowing us to break the chitin, the mushroom walls, where the most concentrated value of the beneficial nutrients and compounds are found.  Something that cannot be duplicated using alcohol. Drops can be taken easlity before bed.

Reishi  - Rest | Relaxation

60 caps per bottle 500mg each of fruiting body powder

Capsules are a convenient way to consume your nightly mushrooms. This mushroom may help relieve stress. allowing you to de-stress before bed allowing for a comfortable night's sleep. 

Bedtime Buddy - Reshi | Chaga | Lion's Mane

100g bag blend of 100% fruiting body

Reishi is well known to help you sleep

Chaga is well known to help you destress

Lion's Mane is well known to help with energy and focus but it also has bee tested to show abilities to help reset your circadian rhythm in addition to helping you wake feeeling alert and refreshed. 

The blend of these 3 fungi may do wonders to help you have a restful, deep, sleep and awaken feeling refreshed. 

Bedtime Buddy - Reshi | Chaga | Lion's Mane

60 caps per bottle 500mg each of fruiting body powder

Capsules are a convenient way to consume your nightly mushrooms. This blend has the potential to help relieve stress, decrease inflammation, and reset your circadian rhythm allowing you to sleep more soundly and awaken refreshed and alert. 

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