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100% organic, packed with vitamins + nutrients that support natural vitality.

Functional mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention as of late due to their ability to treat certain conditions. While it’s easy to call all mushrooms functional, since all of them serve some sort of “function,” the name functional mushrooms are only used to specify those species of mushrooms that have some perceived health benefit.

Research is stepping up to rationalize the benefits that have been coveted for centuries by Eastern civilizations.  Globally there are currently over 600 clinical trials and 50,000 peer-reviewed papers published, yet we are just scratching the surface of the benefits of these functional mushrooms. 

Capsules are 100% vegan and are powered with 500mg of formidable, extracted mushroom powder.

Double extracted 100% full fruiting body functional mushroom powder, Supercharge a smoothie, boost your beverage or add to your favourite recipes.  100g bag

Our proprietary extraction method is what makes element Co. unique. We use the full fruiting body of the mushroom which allows us to breakdown and extract the integral elements found in the chitin or skin of the mushroom. Our process is alcohol free. Our oral drops are extracted into MCT C-8 oil (coconut oil)

Coffee, in its own right, can offer some benefits such as boosting energy levels, improving brain health, lowering depression, and may even help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Having your daily functional mushroom supplement is easy when combined with our distinctive coffee. Try it instant or brewed.

Many people consume mushrooms as a food, but never realize the huge additional benefits they offer. Nutritionally, fungi are a good source of fiber, and vitamin B. They are a low caloric option, contain no cholesterol, and are packed with antioxidants.  Having your supplement in a beverage is a fast and easy way to get your boost.  Refreshing + energizing with 80g of caffeine, grab a bottle and go!

Fuel your success. When time is of the essence, and you need a long-lasting boost quickly, our 5-hour energy shot delivers. Intensive R&D is the result of this kick ass shot. It will fuel your energy + focus + blood flow to the brain + antioxidants.

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