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100% natural plant based | mushroom power + adaptogens

The world is now catching on that there are tremendous benefits in fungi, and research is stepping up, with most research being done in China and Japan. Globally there are currently over 600 clinical trials and 50,000 peer-reviewed papers published, yet we are just scratching the surface of the benefits of mushrooms.


Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK) and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) 

PSK and PSP are compounds found in fungi that are associated with medicinal properties. They are found in a variety of mushrooms, including the widely known Turkey Tail mushroom. These compounds help give the mushroom its medicinal properties by modulating the immune system. Upon ingestion, PSK is highly bioavailable in the body and the  PSP peptide offers immunological benefits. 

The compounds are also known as glycans, which are essential biomolecules offering system regulatory purposes.  Their unique structures make these mushrooms the most information-dense biopolymers on earth.  Biopolymers' health benefits include antioxidant properties and has a role in lipid metabolism, which plays a role in the aging process, helping prevent disease.

In Japan, PSK has been used for the last 30 years as a cancer treatment alongside radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.  China has approved 12 types of glycol-based drugs, derived from Turkey Tail mushrooms, in the form of tablets/capsules, oral solutions, and granules.  These are used in various cancer treatments such as lung, liver, gastric, and colorectal cancers, in addition to nonlymphocytic leukemia.


One of the special components found in mushrooms is beta-glucan, which is predominantly composed of the fungal cell wall and is mostly composed of beta-D-glucose. In many types of research, beta-glucan effectively stimulates the host immune response to defend against bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections.  These compounds are relatively under-studied but appear to have anti-tumor abilities.


Caution:  Cordyceps Mushrooms

*High fat-induced diabetics should NOT consume Cordyceps as further hypoglycemia could result, according to a study.

*Those on blood thinning medications should not consume Cordyceps as they may experience further thinning of the blood, according to studies.

Concerning drug interactions and functional mushrooms, there hasn’t been enough research performed to date. Some people suggest that using medicinal mushrooms together could compound the more specific benefits of each, while others believe that it could lower the efficacy of both. These results might change from person to person, as everyone is different.

There haven’t yet been toxicity studies on the use of functional mushrooms, with the exception of Cordyceps mushrooms and functional mushrooms appear to be safe.  Studies performed on mice, using extremely high doses, report no adverse reactions.

Overall, introducing functional mushrooms to a healthy adult should pose no risks


Few people suffer from a mushroom allergy, and may not be aware of it until they start consuming the extracts. If you experience any of the following, stop taking the mushrooms and consult with your doctor.  Some side effects may include:

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Skin rash

  • darkening of fingernails and stool

  • Rash

  • Constipation or diarrhea

  • Sore throat

  • Runny nose

MUSHROOMS and PLANET HEALTH  - Amazing Sustainability

Fungi were among the first life forms on earth and are remarkable chemists. Some fungi are decomposers which means that they break down plant and animal debris, thus cycling nutrients and increasing their availability in the soil. Without them, plant debris would take over and soil would be scarce. 


Some mushrooms can propel nitrogen fixation and phosphorus mobilization, two of the main nutrients required for plant development and productivity.  In short, fungi eat death, and in doing so, create new life.


Protecting our forests is more important than you think.  With the destruction of so many green spaces comes the killing of mushrooms.  There is a system, a kingdom, known as mycorrhizal fungi.  These mushrooms grow entirely underground and can tap into other plants and trees.  They help delay the effect of global warming by absorbing CO2 pollution.  If deforestation continues, more and more pollution will be left, and none of us what’s that!

For more information. please see these amazing videos.  (only sharing and we had no part in them)

The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World

Fungi Paved The Way For Humans To Evolve In The Aftermath Of A Deadly Asteroid Strike

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