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Sustainable, ECO-friendly

Fuel your body with the currency of our all natural cellular energy

We are dedicated to sustainability, efficacy and creating balanced wellness products. From our ingredients to our packaging, our commitment is to you as global citizens, our environment and this planet that we share. 

Society is now exceeding several planetary boundaries from environmental, economic and social perspectives. Some of the extrinsic sustainability barriers are related to the dominant institutional frameworks where market mechanisms often fail for public goods. To continue to strive for environmental sustainability we need to work harder to maintain nature's ecosystem, reduce food waste, promote healthy dietary shifts towards plant-based foods, promote green fuels and technologies and adopt renewable energy sources.  

Mushroom cultivation and composting delivers a net zero effect on our environment. The processing of organic materials into composted soil through mushroom cultivation is a superior use of resources when compared to composting alone. Mushroom cultivation offers many benefits to farmers, food processors, breweries, forest-based industries and anyone whose operations result in the generation of organic waste.


Agricultural waste, wood debris, paper products, and food waste once composted deliver a net gain of soil.


Mushroom cultivation takes organic matter and delivers gourmet and functional mushrooms that improve our health and help to bioremediate the earth by delivering cleaner water, fresher air, decontaminated substrates, and highly enriched soils. The ability of fungi to transform a wide variety of hazardous chemicals has drawn attention to them in their capacity to bioremediate the earth. Mushrooms are among nature's most powerful decomposers.

Natural Flavours and Ingredients 

All of our flavors and ingredients are plant-based, natural, and functional. There is a reason why we use these ingredients.  Our functional energy drinks utilize adaptogens and natural sweeteners (lower than most all energy drinks) 

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Tincture Bottles  

We have a lot of love for Mother Earth. From working with local sustainable suppliers, to updating our shipping materials to a more sustainable option, we factor the environment into every business decision. We have some long-term plans in the works on how we can improve our packaging to be even more sustainable, but until then, did you know our tincture bottles are almost 100% recyclable in most residential and commercial recycling? Before recycling, make sure to wash your bottle and dropper well to remove any left-behind oil.  Then follow the steps below:

1) Gently (so the glass doesn’t break) wiggle the glass measuring part of the dropper to separate it from the lid. It should pop out cleanly. This part is 100% glass so it can be recycled wherever you recycle glass.

2. Give a good tug to the squishy part of the lid to remove it from the twist cap. This twist cap part is plastic and can be recycled where you recycle plastic bottles and containers, but the squishy part is made from rubber which is unfortunately not recyclable in traditional residential or city recycling.

3. Peel the label off your bottle – it should come off easily, but if you need to, you can soak it in warm water to make it easier. Recycle the glass bottle where you’d recycle glass.  For the label 

Peel the label off your bottle – it should come off easily, but if you need to, you can soak it in warm water to make it easier. Recycle the glass bottle where you’d recycle glass.

Our Bags

While Mother Earth is a huge concern for us, so is our commitment to you for quality, freshness, and a fair price.  At present, our bags are not 100% recyclable.  They are the closest to being fully recyclable while still meeting FDA and USDA requirements for direct food contact while allowing the ingredient to retain its freshness, but not quite there yet.  This is a huge concern for many manufacturers and we hope a solution will be found soon.

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