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Indulge in the immediate relaxation of your body. Gear up for optimal sleep and peak performance the following day.


DREAM DROPS, a natural sleep formula, is designed to elevate your sleep quality, ensuring you awaken feeling refreshed and tranquil, free from any lingering fogginess during your waking hours. Stimulate the realm of Lucid Dreaming, as it calms and relaxes your brain for a full night of restful sleep. Wake up fully rested and prepared to conquer the day, naturally reducing stress and aiding in dream recall.

DREAM Oral Drops 50ml Bottle

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  • Discover the potency of Dream Drops—a highly concentrated extract containing mushrooms, plants, and adaptogens designed to promote optimal sleep and peak performance the next day.

    Our drops are carefully crafted through direct extraction into C8 MCT oil, ensuring an alcohol-free process. This method allows for the breakdown of the valuable chitin skin of the mushroom, where the most concentrated medicinal benefits are found. Be confident that our drops are Full Fruiting Body, Non-GMO, and Vegan. Integrate them into your routine by placing them under your tongue or adding to smoothies, coffee, tea, yogurt, and stir-fries.

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