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Peach Creamsicle - Our bold new mushroom + adaptogen-infused beverages will keep you energized and focused throughout your day. Low-calorie and brightly flavored, bring it wherever you go. Creamy fresh peaches with bursting smooth vanilla.

Energy + Focus Peach Creamsicle Energy Drink - 250mL

  • Energy + Focus Peach Creamsicle Energy Drink - 250mL

    Cordyceps | Lion's Mane | Ashwagandha Root | Ginseng


    Our high-energy, low-sugar content delicious beverage is a great boost to give you that "get-up-and-go" when your energy "got-up-and-went".  Our beverages are infused with full fruiting body mushrooms and vitamin E. We use the healthy choice of green tea extract for caffeine, and natural flavors. Our drinks provide energy and focus without the jitters and the crash. Plus, they taste amazing!