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Our belief in natural plant-based medicine is rooted in improving the lives of our families and all those who make a conscious choice to find substance from the planet’s superfoods that surround us. Elevated wellness from the ground up. In today’s world we cannot rely simply on the nutrients we receive from food that is commercially produced.


Our team has been on a 25-year journey to formulate natural plant supplements that enhance homeostasis in our bodies and ultimately work in combination with medical science to restore, boost and promote everyday wellbeing. We are rooted in the field of bioscience where we have developed advanced in-house IP technologies to extract, design and formulate state of the art products that are potent, efficacious, and targeted at creating the balance our bodies require to function optimally. 


Our evolving product family of functional mushroom extracts are formulated to help transform human development and the global crisis of climate change. We have learned from our elders that indigenous people worldwide have viewed fungi as spiritual allies. They are not only the guardians of the forest. They are the guardians of our future.

We have hand-crafted a curated line-up of functional mushroom products to nurture you and your families. Our small batch products are mindfully extracted and infused with the highest grade of ingredients that nurture your whole body and mind systems and keep them operating optimally and in harmony. Our foundation is built on ethical, transparent supply chains that are rooted in food justice.  


We apply our extraction and isolation techniques in the food, pharma and nutraceutical industries to isolate targeted compounds from plant tissues. Typical applications include the extraction of flavour compound ingredients as well as the isolation of pharmaceutically and nutraceutically active substances.


Through strategic partnerships with academic institutions, professional researchers and scientific leaders, element co. adds value through building intellectual property, curated formulations and studies that focus on freeing our cognitive pathways, optimizing our universal consciousness, and promoting our ability to manage our mental and cognitive health, while boosting our immunity and enhancing our performance across multiple disciplines.


Our experience and expertise helps us to deliver what consumers demand in real time. We have built a focused IP portfolio to bring products that have fast acting onset effects, predictable offset effects, and high bioavailability. Our formulations offer consumers highly customizable effective functional mushroom products.


Our product line is formulated to nourish the mind and elevate everyday life by potentially enhancing mental capacity and the body’s ability to adapt to stress. An optimal balance of natures health and healing that connects and centers the soul.


Our founders,  are dedicated architects of innovation and discovery. They are committed to offering a range of products that fit with you. They have experienced the challenges of our modern lifestyle and are committed to helping you find the balance you’ve been missing.

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