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elements functional mushroom powder

The world is now catching on that there are tremendous benefits in fungi, and research is stepping up to fully realize the amazing benefits they can offer. Globally there are currently over 600 clinical trials and 50,000 peer-reviewed papers published, yet we are just scratching the surface of the benefits of mushrooms.   Our mushroom powder can be added to hot and cold beverages and food.  Each bag comes with a bamboo scoop to make it easy to take get your boost daily.

Cordyceps may improve heart health, inflammation, immunity, and athletic performance.

Lion's Mane may improve neurological health, cognitive performance, and digestive issues.

Turkey Tail mushrooms are restorative, they are packed with Polysaccharide-K (PSK) and may help in the treatment of tumors and cancers.

This ultimate combination of functional mushrooms blended with Ashwagandha root helps to improve overall wellbeing and boosts immunity.

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