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INSTANT COFFEE CRYSTALS - From Organic ground beans 


Experience a sensory awakening and mental stimulation with our Medium Roast Instant Blend. This irresistibly smooth and well-balanced adaptogenic brew holds the promise of an immune system boost, unparalleled antioxidant support, and components that may contribute to a calm mind. Crafted from our distinctive blend of Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Ashwagandha root, it's a delightful fusion that brings both flavor and potential well-being to your cup. 21 servings with 900mg of adaptogens per cup in this 75g bag.

BOOST-Instant Coffee: 75g bag w

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  • Boost - Instant Coffee Medium Roast - 75g bag

    Approximately 21 servings per bag (one heaping teaspoon per 250mL of hot water).

    900mg of mushrooms and adaptogens in each serving. 

    • Chaga 300mg per serving 
    • Lion's Mane 300mg per serving
    • Ashwagandha 300mg per serving
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