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Focus Drops, a dietary supplement rooted in mushrooms and adaptogens, meticulously crafted to enhance alertness, working memory, focus, and stimulate creative thinking

FOCUS Oral Drops 50ml Bottle

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  • Experience the potency of our Focus Drops—a highly concentrated extract featuring mushrooms, plants, and adaptogens formulated to enhance memory, heighten focus, elevate mood, and inspire creativity.

    Our oil drops are meticulously crafted by direct extraction into C8 MCT oil, completely alcohol-free. This method enables the breakdown of the valuable chitin skin of the mushroom, where the most concentrated medicinal value is found. Rest assured, our drops are Full Fruiting Body, Non-GMO, and Vegan. Incorporate them into your routine by placing them under your tongue or adding to smoothies, coffee, tea, yogurt, and stir-fries.

    • Lion's Mane: focus, cognitive
    • l-theanine: energy, cognitive, focus, stamina
    • Ashwagandha Root: inflammation reduction, memory, cognitive functions.
    • Holy Basil: increase endurance, helps elevate exhaustion, , stress
    • Schisandra Berry: Headaches, Anxiety and depression, Focus & Energy, Inflammation
    • Korean Red Ginseng: helps with - increase energy, decrease stress.
    • Peppermint: cognitive performance, alertness,
    • Coconut MCT: energy, fat burner, helps to regulate blood sugar levels
    • Monk Fruit - Anti-inflammatory properties
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